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Please take a look at these most commonly asked questions. If your questions still aren't answered please contact us.

Do you use single use needles? Or are the needles new every time??

The needles are new, sterile, and single use, placed into sharps container for proper disposal!! Everything that is disposable is one time use, and non-disposable items are cleaned and sterilized in an autoclave. The autoclave is regularly tested for effectiveness by doing a spore test every month. We record all results from spore tests in a book at the shop. Autoclave is tested at every use with sterilization integrators, and logged into a folder with the date and cycle number of each process.

What are the requirements in getting a tattoo?? As derived from California Penal Code Section 653,
You must be AT LEAST 18 yrs of age with a valid
government issued ID - no buts, no exceptions!

How much does a tattoo cost??

The cost depends on the size and the detail. There is a minimum for any tattoo of $40.00 dollars. This is the cheapest price for a tattoo of any size, because we account for the cost of insuring that everything is clean, new and sterile.

How long have you been tattooing and/or piercing??

Our artist has an overall experience of more than 9 years tattooing and 4 years piercing. All artists are trained and certified in blood born pathogens, which includes the prevention of cross contamination.

Does it cost more for color??

Color is not more or less. Usually, Black and Gray work runs about $80 an hour for big pieces and Color work runs about $100 an hour for big pieces. This also depends on the size and the detail of the tattoo. Small tattoos with 2 or less colors would be similar to one that only has gray shading. When doing multiple colors, the cost would be more because of the time that it takes.

Is it more for custom work??

Regular work is usually based on the design, depending on size and detail. Custom work or larger work runs about $80 - $120 an hour depending on the artist and the piece.

Does a tattoo hurt??

It depends on your pain treshold. On the average, we may say its not a back massage, but it's not the dentist either.

Are touch ups free??

Touch ups will be free form the artist who did the work, provided you did what was required in the healing instructions. If you get a tattoo and go swimming the next day, and come to get a touch up, its gonna cost ya!!!

Can my friends watch??

Friends will be able to watch, as long as they are not annoying or distracting the customer or the artist. As for jealousy form boyfriends or husbands, our hands have to stretch skin in different ways, we could care less about touching a girl or seeing nudity. We are here to do a clean professional tattoo, thats all.

How long does it take to heal??

A tattoo takes 7-10 days to get to a safe point where you can do normal things like before you got a tattoo. Your tattoo will take up to 4-6 weeks to fully heal, to where the skin is normal, not shiny, and ready for any touch up if needed.

How do I care for my tattoo??

There is a lot of controversy about what is best to heal a tattoo, you should do what your particular artist recommends that did your tattoo or do what normally works for you, because we are all different. See each artist care instructions on their page.

What are the requirements in getting a piercing??

As derived from California Penal Code Section 652,
You must be AT LEAST 16 yrs of age with a valid
government issued ID
IMPORTANT for piercing customers who are under the age of 18:
  • There's a limitation on what and where piercings can be done
  • You need to be accompanied by either or both parents
  • You need to bring a certified copy of birth certificate matching your ID and the ID of either or both accompanying parents
  • If emancipated, You need to bring a certified court order ruling to prove that you are, by law, emancipated

How much for a piercing??

The cost for the most basic piercing with basic jewelry (3/16 LVM surgical stainless steel) which includes the tongue, eyebrow, nose, lip, navel, cartilage, and a nipple would range from $40-$60. We have other choices of jewelry for your initial piercing like spikes and jewels, which would have a additional cost. Advanced specialty type piercing prices should be consulted with piercer, for example industrial, genital, and surface piercing.


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