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Your new tattoo will take approximately two weeks to heal.

You will be provided with a fully detailed list of instructions before you leave with your new tattoo.

Please feel free to ask us any additional questions you may have!


  • Leave the bandage on for at least two hours.
  • Remove bandage and do not re-bandage.
  • Wash hands, then wash the tattoo gently, using mild soap and water. No scrubbing!
  • Gently apply one of the following recommended lotions: Curell, Cetaphil, or Keri Lotion.
For the entire healing period of the tattoo, only use one of the lotions above. (This is extremely important.)

Do not use Vaseline, baby oil, alcohol, peroxide, mineral oil, bag balm, Vitamin E, aloe, Noxema, natural remedies, etc. We also do not recommend Neosporin or Polysporin, which are actually not good products for healing tattoos.


  • You can shower as usual, but for the entire healing period DO NOT SOAK or SUBMERGE your tattoo.
  • Do not expose your tattoo to sunlight for the entire healing period. After the healing period, the use of a sunscreen will help protect your tattoo.
  • DO NOT PICK at your tattoo! Let the scabs fall off on their own. Scratching or rubbing may damage yourtattoo!


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